Freeze Dryer

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Freeze Dryer
Technical Parameters :
– Freeze Drying Area:0.025 square /layer
– Cold trap temperature:optional -80 °C
– Vacuum:<10 Pa
– Water-capture capacity:3~4 Kg/24h
– Material tray:180 mm
– Tray number:3 layer
– Whole power:600 W
– Main frame size:425*615*(370+445) mm
– Main frame weight:40 Kg
– Liquid capacity:0.9 L
– Penicillin bottle 22mm:50 No./Layer
Pls note: if the bottle with rubber plug
(we called this kind of bottles as penicillin
bottle), the gland type is advised for you, this
model can help you realize the vacuum
encapsulation for the bottles.

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